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Quake Alarm - Benefits and Aplicability

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Very diverse questions upon the aplicability of the SOS-LIFE earthquake early warning devices, have determined us to offer you a few informations and advices, so that you can decide, knowingly, if the SOS-LIFE earthquake early warning device can save your life in case a major earthquake strikes.

In the following part, we will present you a few utilities and aplicabilities of the SOS-LIFE Quake Alarm, in different locations, types of buildings, as well as situations that might appear, in case of a major earth quake, and assuming that you already own an installed SOS-LIFE earthquake device, which will warn you of the imminent arrival of a major earthquake, with 30-60 seconds before.

Houses, homes with a maximum of 1-2 floors / Locations at first floor (ground floor)

- In this situation, the building's or home's quiet and without panic evacuation, is in 90% of cases, possible and recommended.
- If you choose to remain inside, you have time to close down the home appliances which use natural gas (pipes, heat stations, cooking machines etc.), to turn off electric and electronic devices who are in use, or to shut down any other source that might cause distruction, due to the earthquake's violence.
- A very important aspect, is that you can protect yourself and especially your children, covering them under a rezistance wall, this way avoiding the fall (and subsequent injuries) of different furniture pieces, roof parts, home appliances etc.
- In case of the device's existance in small or medium public places or locations, at the first floor (ground floor) of buldings, the big initial warning time makes the place's evacuation very facile, quietly and in fast response time, reason for the device's indispensability in: cofee shops, bars, beauty parlors, banks, magazines, gas stations etc.
- The most usefull attribute of the SOS-LIFE earthquake early warning device, is the fact that it frees you from the fear and thrill of waiting that big earthquake arrival, because SOS-LIFE Quake alarm continuosly monitors the sorrounding environment, taking care of your unrest. You only have to worry, when the device will warn you.

Flat Buildings / Buildings with several floors

- Even if the warning time does not permit the evacuation of the superior floors, the upper mentioned inside of buildings protection measures can be applied.
- Being warned, the people can get out of the buildings, they can use the stairs or elevators safely, which present the highest risk of injury, in case an earthquake strikes.
- If the SOS-LIFE earth quake alarm is installed at the building's supervizor (administrator), he can act imediatly, by blocking elevators (for example), to reduce the risk of their use by frightened persons, so avoiding a catastrophe.

Office Buildings / Public institutions / Banks

- All the upper described procedures are aplicable.
- The device's initial warning time permits the shutting of informational equipments or units, to avoid data loss and the temporary stop of informational data transfers (see banks, ministeries, offices etc.)
- Usually, institutions of this type, are equipped with heavy, metallic furniture (file cabinets, safes), so it is recommended that people should not stay close to them, during the whole initial warning period, or the earthquake seismic shock itself.
- Temporary stopage of activity, and pozitioning the persons in well protected areas.
- Initial warning leeds to a controlled attitude, with the inside staff knowingness. That is why we recommend the installation of the earthquake alarm in as many locations inside the building, as possible.

Another big advantage of this earthquake early warning device, is that because it's programmed to warn you only on earthquakes bigger than a critical established level, avoids panic induced accidents, if an earth quake who doesn't have a significant magnitude, and who can create victims in older aged persons (with heart conditions), as well as in unjustified, forced evacuations..

The standard programmed intensity level for earthquakes is 5,3 degrees on Richter scale, or optional, after each customer desire (with an initial order, because the porgramming is done at the manufacturer factory, in Germany).

Automatic warning for rescue teams (rescue workers). SOS distress signals.

- The second esential function (extremly usefull) of the SOS-LIFE Earthquake early warning system, is represented by the automatic capacity to send SOS distress signals, on different freqvencies, as well as manual audio and visual start of this signals, for the situations in which the carrier of the device, is caught under building ruins, not having other possibility to announce the rescue teams, upon his existance in that spot or location.

- The SOS-LIFE Quake Alarm, automaticly passes in the emission state of the SOS distress signals, as soon as the person removes it from the wall mount, in which the device was atached, to warn a future earhquake.

Do not forget: Not accepting the fact that you are in a dangerous seismic zone, will not protect you from the effects of a major earthquake. Being warned of an imminent earthquake, with several seconds, can only help you!

For additional details, Contact us , or visit the SOS-LIFE Earthquake early warning device presentation page.

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